Who Am I?

Hello! Welcome! My name is Rebecca and I am an environmental nerd, amateur seamstress, experimental cook and co-founder of female-run, sustainable skincare company Conscious House London.

I have an Environmental Management Masters from The University of Nottingham and spent the first five years of my career in sustainability consulting for business. But this is not my CV.

I'm really here because I want to help give you the tools to live life a little more sustainably. I truly believe that none of us yet are able to do it perfectly, but also that by doing what we can, we'll truly make positive change.

If you're here because it all seems a little daunting, or if you're here because you want to know more about WHY we should be living more consciously, then there's something for any scenario.

I hope this platform provides you with some tools, but if you want to chat, you can reach me on Instagram or by email, any time. I love to talk.