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Five Organic & Sustainable Towels for Eco-Bathtime

Rainy days have got me feeling cosy, and it's not that I want to wish the year away as we've barely had a summer so far, but Autumn is one of my favourite seasons and I love to indulge in that cosy, indoorsy feeling. Cue movie afternoons and warm evening baths.

When stepping from the hot bubbles, it feels great to be wrapped up in a big fluffy towel, but so many are made of polyester blends or unsustainable cotton, so here's my guide to five towels you can trust - and will last a long time too!

Kin & Cloth

All of Kin & Cloth's towels are hand-woven on traditional wooden shuttle looms by Turkish Artisans and made using only 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton, dyes and finishes. The Ecru Textured Ribbed towel is such a gorgeous colour and has a lovely texture for gentle drying.

- ethically sourced

- 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton, dyes and finishes

Dip & Doze

Dip & Doze's range are not only gentle on the skin, they're also gentler on the planet, on you and on those who made the products. Although simple in design, they make for a classic look in the bathroom and are made from handpicked cotton, grown organically. I love the dark grey colour way.

- certified organic cotton

- sourced from Fairtrade producers

I love the style of many of's products although I know that many are not as sustainably made as they should be. However, amongst the catalogue are some gems. Their Hanno towels in the Indigo Blue colour way are a subtle pop of colour for bathroom style, but also 100% organic and at a reasonable price tag.

- 100% organic cotton

- 550 GSM for fluffiness


This brand's towels are made with a cotton and bamboo blend, together they make for soft AND sustainable towels that are made to last.

Bamboo is fast-growing, requires 1/3rd amount of water compared to cotton and requires no harmful pesticides to grow so all round a fairly environmentally pleasing option.

- uses renewable crop

- biodegradable and recyclable packaging only


A lovely Dutch home and lifestyle brand and their range of bathroom essentials is like artistic IKEA. These towels are made of made from 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton and there's a handy loop for hanging. Skip the European shipping fee by shopping through Amazon, with my favourite floral design being available in several colours: see the Green and Pink options.

- environmentally-friendly

- socially responsible

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