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Fresh fish pie 

Thou shall hev a fishy on a little dishy (or a big dishy in our case)

Fish pie can be a comfort, a treat, or a special occasion experience. It’s one of those meals that reminds you of home and, at the same time, of the posh seafood bar you went to before the theatre once (J Sheekey’s near the London Coliseum). Personally I like it on a winter or early spring evening when I’ve had time to shop for fresh fish and veg on the same day.

Working from home last week afforded me that luxury, and by 7pm with 5 minutes left on the timer Emma and I were shouting at each other and the oven with hunger and excitement.

If you’ve only ever eaten fish pie in a restaurant, you might be wary of giving it a go at home, but it’s a super simple recipe that tastes good even if you get a few bits wrong. Here’s how I made this glorious fish dish (which accidentally fed 4):

You’ll need:

  1. Fresh fish – sustainable salmon or cod and smoked haddock make the tastiest pie

  2. Potatoes

  3. Single cream

  4. 4 medium shallots or 1 red onion

  5. 3 cloves of garlic

  6. Peas in the pod (or frozen petit pois)

  7. Corn on the cob (or tinned sweetcorn)

  8. Mature cheddar

  9. Seasoning – salt, pepper, curry powder (2 pinches) dried herbs (2 pinches), paprika (half a teaspoon)

How to:

  1. Cut your fish into inch sized cubes and put into a bowl with

  1. If you’re making a mash for pie tipping, peel and cut your potatoes and then boil until soft and then mash. If you fancy a looser topping, slice the potatoes thinly (about half a centimetre thick) and par-boil.

  2. Brown your onions and garlic until soft and add the cream,

  1. Mix in your raw fish and then spoon into an oven dish.

  2. Top with your potatoes, cover with foil and put into the oven at 200 degrees for 20 minutes.

  3. After 20 minutes, take off the foil and grate some mature cheddar over the top and bake for a final 10 minutes. During that final 10, boil your peas and sweetcorn together until hot.

Serve side by side on a large dinner plate and savour the seafood dream.

finished pie2

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