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Hello, old friends

And welcome back! To you and to me. Forgive me, what started out as a small break has slipped by into a 4 month hiatus and I just don’t even know where the time has gone. It’s been down to a few things, so give me 5 minutes of your time to give you my excuses…

So number one, I recently started doing more work with the charity I work for, SEED Madagascar. It is an awesome charity that implements sustainable development projects solely in Madagascar and operates with all the morals that I identify with and are exactly  the right distance ahead of my old job in corporate consulting. The extra time I’m working there has been a challenge (a good one) but rather fills every minute of the days I do with them. Building relationships, partnerships and a new angle to our branding all at the same time can be pretty crazy, but the dust is settling and we’re getting into the swing of things now.

(As an aside if you’re interested in getting involved in charity work with a smaller charity, or you’re interested in doing some international volunteering trips, check us out, or let me know!)

Next, and more time-consuming even than my actual job, I have been working on a side project; this is something a little different from my passion for sustainable fashion, but not completely dissimilar either. I have been working with a friend, Nicolle, to establish a natural, sustainable, eco-friendly home and beauty brand.


We’ve spent the last 4 months whipping up formulations with our favourite naturalingredients to create a small initial range of dreamy skincare and bathroom products which we’ll be launching in just a few weeks time. Conscious House London is the beautiful clash of Nicolle’s creative skills and experience in skincare and my skills in business/marketing and experimenting with natural products. On top of that clash, is our combined passion for doing something about the state of our planet, and what we really wanted to do was show people, who may not be as environmentally-geeky as you and I, that making a change to more sustainable products in an industry littered with plastic and chemicals, doesn’t have to be hard or expensive.

I may have some other excuses for not being so present here, but given these are the main ones I’ll save you from the others. So I hope you can forgive my silence and I’ll have some more interesting topics going up on here VERY soon!

Lots of love,

Rebecca x

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