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Slow Stitching & Spa with Offset Warehouse

Last week Offset Warehouse held another of their wonderful events in partnership with Fabrications haberdashery in Hackney.

If you haven’t heard me chat about Offset Warehouse before, they’re my go-to sustainable fabric retailer. With an ever-changing collection of hand-picked eco fabrics, you can be 100% sure that what you’re buying is sustainably and ethically sourced. Founder Charlie, has travelled the world to find the most beautiful fabrics to make sure that they’re not only unique, luxurious, sophisticated, the highest quality but also made by people who are paid fairly and are working fair hours, in high quality workplaces.

On Thursday evening, we used two of the fabrics, the Chakra Printed Cambric and an organic cotton towelling to spend the evening making at-home spa accessories: facecloths, bath towels and some reusable make up pads (inspired by a little creation we’re making at Conscious House London at the moment).

The evening began with Barley from Fabrications showing us how to bind the organic cotton towelling as a really simple finishing technique which gives the cloth it’s square structure and a neat edge (once you get your tired Thursday evening mind around the engineering of it).  Barley also introduced us to some embroidery techniques to jazz up the facecloths into something fancy for ourselves, or to make cute gifts. I learned to embroider a blanket stitch (almost) to tidy the edge of the face cloths, and to do some simple French knots for decorating the fabric with dots of colour.

The evening also included some super interesting talks from a couple of natural, organic, plant-based skincare brands: Kindred + Wild and 34.4.

Mughda, Founder of Kindred + Wild told us the story of her journey to starting her business, through a quitting college to do a fashion course, to working with plant dyes, to working in a paint shop, to product styling (which she still does) to finally realising that it was botanicals and plant-based remedies that really inspired her most. Today Kindred + Wild provide beautiful, herbal and plant-based products that tackle the ups and downs of skin in a natural way. Born of Mughda’s own skin problems, the products she creates are holistic and founded deep in herbal medicine, Ayurveda and folklore.

Screen Shot 2019-03-11 at 10.38.06.png

We also heard from Elka of 34.4, who too had been through a convoluted journey of a career before setting up her brand. 34.4 has a big focus on bees and it’s something that Elka is personally very passionate about; using only natural ingredients 34.4 provide face, body and bath products from which every sale 3.44% is donated to organisations supporting bee health. The 34.4 name comes from a simple fact – 34.4º is the optimum temperature for a brood of bees to survive in the heart of the hive!

Screen Shot 2019-03-11 at 10.37.39.png

I also gave a very short talk on Conscious House, my background in sustainability and why it’s not just natural and waste-free skincare that’s important to us but also having sustainable accessories, like those we made in the workshop, to go with our products.

If you’d like to head to one of these events, stay tuned on the website and/or social media of Offset Warehouse, and Barley at Fabrications runs loads of amazing workshops focussed on sewing and fabrics creations. Once we have Conscious House up and running we’ll also be looking at some workshops and events where you can get stuck into some DIY skincare too!

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