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Sustainability Sunday #22


Growing up, as soon as I’d decided that I loved science and nature, way beyond playing in the garden, pressing flowers and making mud pies, my brother has nicknamed me a tree-hugger, and likely meant every bad connotation of the phrase every time he’s said it. But, here’s the thing, I don’t care. I am a self-confessed tree-hugger. I’ve definitely hugged a tree before, I’ve definitely almost shed a tear when a plant I’ve tried to grow has died, and I’ve definitely experienced that feeling of wonder about how great trees are having climbed 6 feet up one.

Personally, I think everyone should love trees just as much as me, sadly that’s not the case, so here’s a few reasons why I think trees are great, and my hope is that you might just appreciate them too.



2. Trees clean the air

Trees absorb pollutant gases and particulates out of the air by trapping them in their leaves and bark and preventing us from inhaling all the dirt. If you want to get involved in planting some trees in your city, then there’s a great scheme called Trees for Cities where you can volunteer to plant some trees in your area.


The colour green is supposed to be calming and is said to represent tranquility, good luck, energy and health – hence why guests waiting to appear on TV or when filming wait beforehand in a “green room”. As well as being “calming” the colour green doesn’t have as high a glare as other colours so puts less stress on your eyes. Being amongst trees or even having trees in your home/work neighbourhood is also supposed to make you feel more relaxed.

4. Trees are cool


5. Trees are a home


The Guardian are currently holding a poll for the public to vote for their favourite tree, so you should take a look at some of Europe’s most popular trees there.

AND, if you want to hear it from the forest itself, listen to Kevin Spacey (it’s awesome, watch it).

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