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Sustainability Sunday #28

Spring has sprung, but are you feeling like a spring chicken?

There is sun! There is blossom! And there is an elated feeling of summer being just around the corner, it’s dreamy.

But we all know, that with warmer weather comes the inevitable increase in the amount of skin on show and an increase in the number of social events we attend. Since the New Year, I’ve been trying to tackle a series of stress-related mental and physical health issues and I’ve finally found one thing that helps me to relieve both – yoga. I must confess, that the first yoga class I did was amazing, because I fell asleep 5 minutes in and woke up 45 minutes later while everyone was putting their mats away – great nap. I haven’t actually been to many classes since, but what I do do is try to get up a half hour earlier every weekday morning to do a little “wake up routine”. I’ve found this stretches my office-shaped back, helps me to wake up and feel more energised before I leave the house and clears and calms my mind. It’s brilliant.

But this is Sustainability Sundays, what has this got to do with sustainability, I hear you ask? Well, yoga and sustainability have been linked since the inception of yoga practice and for those of you that didn’t catch my recent guest blog on The Form Fitness‘ website here’s a quick snapshot of how the two concepts are linked:

“The practice of yoga fosters metta (loving kindness) for ourselves and the earth so it is much more than strengthening your core and finding inner peace. Historically, yoga was developed alongside a close relationship with the earth and cosmos and a deep recognition for animals, plants, soil, water and air. Thus, maintaining the sustainability of these is integral to the practice of yoga in any form. If we are to forge a sustainable future for generations to come we must re-establish a balance with nature and the practice of yoga enables us to create that connection through mind and body by transporting us away from the frenzied lives we lead. Sustainability in yoga practice can lead to a more sustainable life, with a big part of this being the prioritisation of ourselves, without over-indulging of course.”

You can also integrate the environment more literally into your yoga practice by saluting the elements, if you want to have a go, check out that guest post to find out more about it.

As an environmental nerd I’m keen to integrate sustainability into all aspects of my life, including my health so I fully support brands that are bringing sustainability into the things we need in every day life. Equally, as a true sustainability advocate, I don’t feel comfortable promoting products or brands if I’m unsure of their credibility so you can trust me when I tell you that The Form mats are not only the first round (I know right?! Genius!) yoga mats in the UK but are also sustainably designed and made, and are offset to be carbon negative through a fantastic partnership with SolarAid. If you need a new yoga mat for home practice or for going to classes I really recommend bagging yourself one of these, which can be ordered online or through The Good Place boutique in Chelsea, I promise you they are totally dreamy! 😍

Stay tuned on here, and on The Form for more about sustainability & health.

Happy Sunday folks!

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