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Sustainability Sunday #30

Your guide to an Ethical Easter!

Easter used to be an exciting time for my brother and I, with Grandparents that have a spare room full of boxes of Roses, Jelly Babies and Fox’s chocolate biscuits they’re the kind of people who love to go wild on Easter, choosing the biggest eggs given with big cards with lambs and bunnies on. Mum and Dad would also do their part, Mum often baking little cupcakes or Easter nests decorated with mini-eggs and those too-cute fluffy chicks with plastic stick legs. As a child, it’s the dream – chocolate for breakfast! Er, yes! But the spirit of Easter, the story behind it AND the mountain of money and waste that goes into just one day tends to go over our heads.

It wasn’t until I realised that Creme Eggs were significantly smaller than a previous year, and that the egg I’d bought to gift was more plastic packaging than chocolate that I really thought about what the point was, and how horribly wasteful it all is. Since then, we’ve toned down Easter (and also grown up a fair bit) and now settle for a good old roast dinner, and maybe a few mini eggs for dessert. For sustainability in our household, this is great. In light of my enlightenment, this week’s post is your guide to choosing sustainably this Easter.

Top Eggs! Which ones to get:

The obvious choice here is Green & Black’s, you can get them in loads of stores so haven’t got to go traipsing about to find them and all their delicious chocky is all organic and Fairtrade – my fave is the Butterscotch because anything butterscotch is my favourite.

The runner up is Divine Chocolate‘s eggs. These guys are a farmer-owned company, producing Fairtrade chocolate and 44% of the company is actually owned by the cocoa farmers. You can find their eggs in Sainsburys, Tesco and Waitrose so super easy to get your hands on and even better, they never use plastic packaging and ensure their cardboard boxes are made of recycled materials. You should choose Toffee & Sea Salt or the Raspberry Dark Chocolate – or both 😛

My third place podium spot goes to The Co-Op‘s “Truly Irresistible” Honeybee milk chocolate egg. It’s all Fairtrade milk chocky and you get the little extra of four baby milk chocolate and honey truffle eggs which are made with Chilean Fairtrade honey 👌🏼 let’s just pretend they didn’t release their washing up advert this year so we can enjoy the eggs whether we did or didn’t do the washing up…

The Gift of Giving, how to avoid those plastic boxes:

If you’re looking to bake, create or even just buy standalone eggs why not create your own packaging – you can recycle cardboard boxes or newspapers to create your own nest or even decorate some old egg boxes with paint and glitter and feathers and sequins and fluff, getting carried away there, but you get the idea.

If you’re feeling crafty, create your own little pouches with scraps of material or tissue paper and those super annoying ribbons you get in tops and jumpers that are supposed to help them stay on the hanger (supposed to 🙄).

Or, if you absolutely must choose an egg with that egg-shaped plastic, why not re-use it and use it as a mould for some papier-mache!

Last of all, moving to sustainability is all about sharing ideas so please do comment on any other creative Easter goodness you’re into! 😊🥚🌿

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