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Sustainability Sunday #38

World Environment Day: Flora, Fauna & Fashion

The annual World Environment Day, on 5th June, is the world’s biggest event for celebrating nature. Since the event first started in 1972, global citizens have organized thousands of action and awareness activities, from neighbourhood clean-ups to replanting forests. It’s an important day for remembering and spreading awareness for how much we rely on the environment for our daily lives.

To give you some examples of how we use “ecosystem services”, think about, the world’s oceans, forests and soils which store greenhouse gases; farmers harness nature on land and in water to provide us with food; and scientists develop medicines using genetic material drawn from the millions of species that make up Earth’s biodiversity.

Why is it important for fashion?

  1. Preserving the environment is crucial for the fashion industry, natural fibres such as cotton, flax and hemp are the main resource for making fabrics

  2. Producing garments uses a significant amount of water, whilst manufacturers are trying to reduce the volume used, we’ll always need it therefore water scarcity will change the whole process

  3. Engaging in fast fashion means there is a lot of waste going to landfill, if we continue to pollute the Earth our natural resources, such as those that enable plants like cotton to grow, will be unable to survive thus reducing the availability to us for producing clothing.

So what can you do to get involved?

  1. Get outside, snap a selfie and share across social media with the hashtag #WithNature

  2. Have meat-free meals

  3. Plant a window box or grow some herbs in your garden

  4. Visit a local market for fresh fruit and veg

  5. Plan a picnic

  6. Get geeky and use the new iNaturalist app where you can upload pictures of flora and fauna and your peers will help you identify what it is!


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