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Sustainability Sunday #4 

It’s Chriiiiiistmas! 🎄 Today we were super excited to be adventuring out to get our Christmas tree and to spend the afternoon decorating the flat. I’ve been feeling the Christmas spirit since the beginning of November and had the countdown app on since about September – I’m a little excitable.

This is the first Christmas where I’ll be choosing the tree for myself and so ensued the mental debate of real tree vs fake tree: cutting down real trees is bad but manufactured fake trees are also bad. Fake trees last for multiple years whereas real ones don’t. If I buy a real tree how do I know if it’s been sustainably grown? And for both, where do I put it once Christmas is over?

I found the answer to all these questions in a wonderful article courtesy of Time Out – Where to buy a Christmas tree in London this Christmas. My favourite on the list was a company called The Christmas Forest, a small and independent family business committed to providing real, sustainable Christmas trees.

The trees come from sustainable tree “farms” where every time a tree is harvested for the season a new one is planted in its place. The Christmas Forest also work in partnership with Tree Aid so for each tree that you buy from The Christmas Forest, a tree is planted in Africa 😀. I was sold.

This year we’ve chosen a beautiful Norway spruce, and it was love at first sight!

…where he looks WONDERFUL 🎄

The afternoon was of course topped off with some Christmas chocky, mulled wine and a big roast dinner.

Tis the season to be (sustainably) jolly!

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