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Sustainability Sunday #41

Let’s go shopping!!

Deep down, despite the pain of spending money we should really be saving for rent, the annoyance of walking behind people who travel at the speed of a snail and despite having to push and shove the hangers in our wardrobes to fit new things in, we all love shopping.

But for those of us who are trying to keep up a slow fashion lifestyle, shopping can be kinda difficult. The high street stores, although trying, still aren’t really covering us, and it’s the same for the likes of online places too (Missguided, Boohoo etc.) with the exception of ASOS’s Africa Collection. Shopping online also means we have an impact on the environment by delivery, particularly if we change our minds and end up sending it back!

So this week, I’m inviting you to find out more about the ethical boutiques in your neck of the woods, whilst they’re still pretty scarce they are on the rise:

  1. London: The Keep Boutique, The Good Place, The Bias Boutique

These three places are great for finding ethical and sustainable brand clothing, The Good Place also stocks other sustainable products such as yoga mats and water bottles.

  1. Manchester: Beaumont Organic

Perfect for clothing and accessories you’ll find super trendy fairtrade organic products with these guys, they’re open Monday-Friday but also have a great online shopping site if times get desperate on a weekend!

  1. Nottingham: Green Emporium

Natural, organic, faitrade, green, ethical and sustainable – they’ve got it all in one little shop. A little limited on clothing but extensive on outdoor, leisure, health and well-being, beauty and baby care.

  1. Edinburgh: Dandelion & Ginger

Fairtrade, organic and handmade beautiful clothing jewellery and homewares, Dandelion and Ginger is an appealing little shop just south of Edinburgh station.

  1. Glasgow: Bolshie

Ethical fashion store AND coffee bar in the west end of Glasgow – what more could you want?!

  1. Bristol: Movement Boutique

Ethical and sustainable womenswear, and a small collection of menswear nestled among the cafes and shops in the cute and leafy area of Bristol.

  1. Cardiff: Fair Do’s, Little Empire

Fair Do’s brings you everything fairtrade: fashion, food and drinks, bedding, toys, jewellery and homewares with quite a thirft store/hippy vibe. Little Empire is a must for all your vintage keenos looking for something that’s a second-hand treasure!

  1. Brighton: The Fair Shop, Love That Stuff

Both handmade and fairtrade, these two little shops are packed with ethical and sustainable goodies: clothing, accessories, bedding and homeware. All super trendy and made to last!

  1. Oxford: Indigo

A cute little shop located near Magdalen College bringing you the most divine womenswear, menswear, baby care, home and accessories. You must definitely go here, even for a browse and some inspo if you’re ever visiting Oxford.

So happy shopping folks, and as always please do share other places you’ve been to as the most important thing for slow fashion is sharing knowledge! 😘

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