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Sustainability Sunday #46

Stumbling upon a Sustainability Centre

Originally I’d thought to write this post on a little adventure I had into the English countryside yesterday, and the importance of getting out there in the fresh air, exploring somewhere new and getting back in touch with nature. Which is all well and good, but whilst on this exploratory jaunt to a corner of the South Downs yesterday, we discovered a Sustainability Centre. Thus, I’m here to tell you all about it, cos it was a pretty special place.

Firstly, it’s tucked away along the side of a reasonably busy country lane, the Droxford Road which cuts across the South Downs Way walking path. When you enter the site it looks fairly unremarkable, a small visitor centre, a shed-like office for the natural burial service they offer and a small car park. But follow the path round and we found the campsite for tents and campervans, the signs to the eco-lodge accommodation, several ponds teeming with wildlife, a composting area, a woodwork station, a cafe full of yummy home baked treats, a vegetable garden with strawberries, peas, beans and carrots, plants growing in recycled children’s wellies instead of plastic plant pots and a beautifully decorated wood and packed-earth yurt-style enclosure that was strung with bunting, flowers and fairy lights ready for a wedding later that day. They also have beekeeping projects, a biomass boiler, waste water treatment area and wetland ecosystem conservation plot.

It all sounds very hippie I know, but places like this are so very important for giving people a taste of environmental stewardship. It also is the perfect place to educate our children, the generation next responsible for the future of our planet, on how amazing, and crucial, taking care of the environment is.

If there’s one thing you should do with your summer, it’s get out somewhere green where you’ve never been before, take a friend, a partner or your babies and go appreciate what we’ve got!

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