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Sustainability Sunday #48

It’s probably fairly obvious that I’m a sustainability advocate through and through, I’m a recycling freak, plastic hater and local food seeker. And I’m a dedicated follower of sustainable fashion.

Whilst I’m pretty good at seeking out sustainable fashion brands (thanks to you Gather&See and People Tree) I can’t lie and say I can afford to buy everything sustainably right now, although that’s the dream. Having said that I actually can’t afford to buy everything from Topshop or Zara either, even if I wanted to. In fact the most common thought I have while shopping is “I could make that!”

There are hundreds of websites where you can buy fabric now, it seems the days of abundant haberdasheries are gone or the ones that do exist still are unbelievably expensive, which suits the likes of tailors (excuse the pun) and upholsterers better than a bog-standard home seamstress like you and I. These haberdasheries also very rarely have anything sustainable beyond an organic linen. Thus, I have spent hours googling for online fabric retailers that have sustainable fabric aplenty and after hours of searching it would be rude not to share it with you, so here’s my top 5 sources for sustainable fabric!

1. Offset Warehouse (personal fave 👍🏼)

Offset Warehouse is a social enterprise, and one you might be familiar with as they’ve been around a while and are by far the best source of eco-fabrics for any kind of textile project. Whilst labelling all their fabrics with the product info, origin and eco-detail you can rest assured simply by their reputation that what you’re buying is completely eco/socially friendly and at a super reasonable price. If you’re wanting to learn more about eco fabrics or sewing techniques then also keep your eyes peeled for their Eco-Sewing parties and other events which are brilliant for learning and meeting some other like-minded people!

Browse now.

2. Ray Stitch

Based in North East London, Ray Stitch moved from an online store to a shop in Islington in 2011. They sell a carefully selected and wide range of designer prints, plains, weaves and knits, with many of which being ethically and sustainably produced as they’re committed to a conscious approach to sourcing both fabric and all the necessary accessories for textile projects. If you can’t get across to the shop, I 100% recommend ordering online as you get exactly what you’ve read on the tin within just two days!

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3. Spoonflower

This is the ultimate destination for patterned fabric. There are thousands of amazing designs, from patterns for baby to hand printed home decor fabrics and for each type you’re able to choose the type of fabric you want such as organic cotton, organic gauze and eco-canvas. This is a great site for getting lost online for about 5 hours!

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4. The Cloth House

The Cloth House has a more sophisticated feel than the others with a super chic website and traditional logo. They have a fabric store in Soho and a warehouse store in Camden which is my one of my favourite fabric viewing/feeling/lusting haunts. Both in store and online you can find some lovely natural, organic and eco-fabrics.

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5. Elephant in my Handbag

A little more like Spoonflower these guys collate fabrics and textile accessories from lots of different suppliers. They’ve a whole section on organic and eco with heaps of pretty patterns – my current fave being the Snowman print organic cotton by Cloud 9 Fabrics 😃

Browse now.

There are also several others I’ve bought from in the past so if you want to know more please get in touch, but please do share your finds with me too 😊

Happy Sewing!

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