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Sustainability Sunday #49

Better brands on the high street.

This week is kind of a responsive Part II to last week’s post. A friend of mine messaged me this week, having been out shopping and realised that nothing she was seeing was sustainable, she asked for advice on where to find more sustainable apparel. Also having read last week’s post, she realised that purchasing sustainable and ethical items is somewhat more of an investment than shopping for fast fashion is.

So, how can you find that middle ground? Here’s where we give thanks to amazing organisations such as the Ethical Trading Initiative and Better Cotton Initiative who do a huge amount of research into new and existing brands. To give us a helping hand, the BCI’s report at the beginning of this year highlighted some of the top high street brand members sourcing better cotton:

BCI brands

Whilst many businesses take a “portfolio” approach by also sourcing Fairtrade and certified organic cotton it’s promising for us consumers looking to find more sustainable garments on the high street. You can also find a full list of brand members on the Better Cotton Initiative website.

For those of you needing a little more info before shopping, you can read more about each of the brands below to inform your in-store search:

H&M  |  Adidas   |  Levi’s   |  Tommy Hilfiger   |  ASOS

There is no denying that these brands are still considered fast fashion retailers, which is a much bigger picture and takes a much larger consideration for any significant change to occur, but we must encourage these small steps toward responsibility!

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