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Sustainability Sunday #54

How to be a (sustainable) basic bitch this fall: switch the original accessories for a sustainable alternative…


This isn’t, as you might suspect, some kind of secret code for your visit from Mother Nature once a month. This is the condensed hashtag for #PumpkinSpiceLatte – that’s right, the ultimate basic bitch hot drink.

Original basic:

Starbucks and their yack coffee. Although they’re miles ahead in sustainability of coffee, Starbucks are yet to provide any real report on their commitment to conflict-free palm oil. So, bye.

Sustainable basic:

Pret A Manger’s Spiced Pumpkin Latte (note the re-arrangement of words there) which is made with strong organic coffee, organic milk, real pumpkin puree and a touch of spice.


Classic basic bitches will go to yoga/pilates/spinning in some kind of slogan tee with how they’d rather be at brunch, or drinking coffee, or promoting girl power on it. Or even, low and behold, a top that actually says ‘Basic Bitch’!

Original basic: Anything from Pretty Little Thing, ASOS, or River Island that says any of the above… obvi.

Sustainable basic: ellesse’s recycled sports collection in collaboration with Lucy Meck (of TOWIE and Celebrity Island fame) allows you to still have a designer logo all over you in overly large font, whilst being totally eco-friendly! Or, try H&M’s Conscious Collection slogan top…

lucy spingere
hm sustee

NUMBER THREE: “Avo” on toast (probs topped with some kind of seed, chia or and the like, you know)

Our latest obsession with Avocados is actually killer for the environment. In Mexico, where most of the avocados in the UK shops come from, the desperation for the fruit has led to pretty severe illegal deforestation to try and meet the demand. Thus we gotta limit it to maybe just one or two meals per week (and definitely just one post on Insta plz).

Original basic: ⇓


Sustainable basic: Make sure you know where your avocados are coming from! Or, you could settle for the old timeless classic of organic, free range scrambled eggs!


The staple basic bitch shoe for autumn is rumoured to be back in conjunction with ASOS (which if you’re truly basic, you totes splashed out on ASOS’ free next day delivery for a whole year – for only £9.99). The Basic Bitch UGG is often one that is not a real UGG boot or the style with the bows/diamantes on.


Original basic: The Classic UGG. Made of sheepskin, in the 2000’s the UGG boot became the must-have luxury, going from a small production of practical boots for chilly surfers in Australia, to mass-production on an enormous scale for what seemed like the entire female population of the Western world.

Sustainable basic: Upgrade to a more practical shoe, like the Timberland fluffy fold down boots. A company committed to making sustainability the norm, Timberland are increasing their efforts to be more sustainable as a business as well as making sustainable products. You can find out a lot more on my recent article for Fashion 360 Magazine.

NUMBER 5: Halloween costumes

“The hardcore girls just wear lingerie and some form of animal ears.” [Mean Girls, 2004]


Original basic: Poundland’s selection of fake blood, bunny tails and headbands with bunny ears attached, plus a cheap corset/bandeau top and hotpants from Primark. Ultimate basic tack!

Sustainable basic: If you’re going down the lingerie route, choose a more sustainable lingerie brand such as Luva Huva, Clare Bare, Lucille & Co.

Or, to make your Halloween more sustainable in general, swap outfits, re-invent a previous year’s costumes or buy something from a charity store. You should also check out organic face paint as an alternative to the usual toxic stuff you can get in a tube.

So there’s my top 5 tips for if you can’t help being a basic bitch sometimes (it’s cool, it happens to all of us). HAPPY FALL BITCHES.

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