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Sustainability Sunday #6

Detox diet 2016: have you started it sustainably?

Dare I mention detox? We’re 10 days in and mine is on its way out already (ahem, steak and blue cheese salad for dinner last night), but although I’m definitely still susceptible to biscuits at 3 o’clock most days, I am trying to stick with healthy seasonal produce at meal times.

Buying foods that are in season does not only mean you get better quality food, it also usually means that it hasn’t been transported on a fossil fuel chuffing ship or plane across the world from warmer climes. There is a disclaimer here: foods that are in season here in the UK, will also be in season elsewhere so be sure to check your labels!

So what’s cookin’ for January?

  1. blood oranges

  2. beetroot

  3. potatoes and parsnips

  4. cabbage and kale

  5. goose and pheasant

  6. apples and pears

Spinach, onions, squash, carrots, swedes, pigeon and pork are also among those in season.

Jan Detox

Blood oranges: Add to a quinoa salad, make a salsa, eat with fish or shake up a margarita.

Beetroot: munch with goat’s cheese and walnuts in a salad, get creative and make some falafel or whizz up into a smoothie.

Potatoes and parsnips: definitely best with roast dinner, but you could also try a parsnip soup or with pancetta and tagliatelle (gluten-free if you prefer).

Cabbage and kale: although yummy in superfood salads, give these a try in stir-frys, frittatas or with duck in a salad.

Goose or pheasant: roasted birds are delicious, and also great cold with salad or in a sandwich the next day. Try Jamie’s roast goose.

Apples and pears: eat ’em fresh or cooked with a sprinkle of sugar to have with natural yoghurt.

So whether you’re a conscious shopper or quick pick buyer, look out for these seasonal items for fresher, better quality dishes and more sustainable nutrition.


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