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Sustainability Sunday #67

Education from the sofa.

This is the first weekend in while that I’ve had nothing to do. Of course, I absolutely suck at doing nothing so yes I have spent some time cleaning the house, cooking a new recipe and catching up on some reading but I also sat down on both Friday and Saturday night and ate my dinner in front of the TV. Actual. Bliss. So this week I want to share with you a few things I’ve watched on these rare weekends of doing nothing which perhaps you might like to watch too, if you get one of these weekends any time soon…

plastic paradise

Vibe: Harsh reality

First up, the hot topic of plastic in the ocean: Plastic Paradise: The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, a documentary investigating the remote Midway Atoll which funnels plastic waste from three different continents. It’s pretty shocking and a visual that should make you want to avoid plastic all together.

Next: Cowspiracy. If you’ve never tried vegetarianism or veganism this might just sway you. Available on Netflix, this documentary goes behind the scenes of an immensely destructive industry and tries to work out why it goes largely unchallenged.

One that many of you may have seen already is The True Cost,  but if you haven’t seen it I highly recommend it. A terrible view behind the scenes of the fashion industry, it’s fast fashion, factory filth and a gargantuan volume of waste. This documentary also looks at the knock on effects of excessive consumerism, and inescapable mass media. Check it.

Vibe: Inspirational

No Impact Man is an American documentary film that follows the life of a family who for one year attempt to be 100% sustainable with zero impact on the environment. When you list all of the things this family cannot do: no water bottles, no new products, no public transport, not even watching TV (ironic I know) it really puts into perspective the impact of our day-to-day life.

Into the Wild  is one of my all time favourite films. Despite the end of the story (which I won’t divulge just in case you haven’t seen it) there is something romantic about escaping it all to be at one with nature. This true story of a young man’s exploration of his own country and desire to be alone with the natural world and to experience it where it goes unseen is an inspiring celebration of the beauty of Earth. It totally makes you want to run away, I promise.

into the wild

Into the Wild (2007, Sean Penn).

Vibe: Light-hearted

I wonder if you’ve thought about the deeper implications of a Disney or Pixar films, life lessons aimed to subconsciously infiltrate young minds: love wins, kindness is key, sharing is important, everyone is equal. But how about clean up the planet? Pixar’s 2008 film WALL-E tells the story of a robot designed to clean up a futuristic waste-strewn planet Earth. Of course it still has the ‘love wins’ storyline too, but also reminds us to love the environment.

Amazonia tells the tale of a monkey bred in captivity that is returned to his ancestral habitat after a plane crash. The monkey is presented with a set of challenges that would have come naturally to him had he grown in the wild like his relatives. With beautiful scenery this film captures the diversity and natural paradise of the Amazon Rainforest perfectly.

So there we have it, hours of education and escape for you there! Happy Sunday snuggles x

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