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Sustainability Sunday #68

Sustainability makes London Fashion Week.

Hurrah! Last year around this kinda time I thought about writing a blog post on sustainability at fashion week but after 5 days of creative chaos in our beloved capital there was nothing for me to talk about when it came to sustainability. I am so pleased that this year things have taken a turn. “What happened?” I hear you ask, well let’s take a look shall we…

Yes. That is Her Royal Highness THE QUEEN at actual London Fashion Week having a total ball and looking dead cute in powder blue and little patent heels! Weeks after she ruled that there would be no plastic cups or straws in the Palace she attended LFW to present the Queen Elizabeth II Award for British Design to Richard Quinn who alongside some pretty fab designs also has strong sustainability policies and community engagement. Go Queenie, we love you!

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The Oxford Fashion Studio‘s FW18 collection was (obviously) inspired by nuns in Missouri who were strong environmental activists in the US and abroad. This collection was designed by Nasheli Juliana and is made of organic cotton twill. Yay for more sustainable fabrics!

Vin + Omi kinda ruled the week for me. Firstly with t-shirts like this. Secondly with comments like this: “It’s almost impossible for low-cost high street clothes to be ethical.” And thirdly with a cracking collection using eco-fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles and the skins of chestnuts. THIS is the kind of innovation we want to be seeing at Fashion Week.

During Fashion Week the London College of Fashion and huge retail parent company the Kering Group launched their first online course in Luxury Sustainable Fashion. This is big news as I’m truly a believer of education playing a big role in change for sustainability. This course will include innovative sustainable fashion research and business practice with the goal of “encouraging fashion to be used as a platform to promote global positive change.” It’s a yes from me.

All in all an LFW for the books, here’s hoping the trend takes off!

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