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Sustainability Sunday #73

Wedding season has begun!

It seems I’m reaching the age now where I have weddings to attend. Before last year I had attended a total of 4 weddings in my 27 years, the first of which was my parents’ at just 6 months old. Last summer I went to the first wedding of someone my age and I decided what a wonderful occasion to make a dress for! On Friday was the celebration of another couple our age and using the tips and tricks I picked up at a workshop run by the amazing Laura Mackay of Laura Alice Dressmaking I created another wedding guest outfit for the occasion.

Using a calico bodice made at Laura’s workshop I re-created the same shape with Offset Warehouse‘s pink organic cotton chambray which was the perfect shade to go with a pair of snappy fuchsia pink trews I’ve had about 6 or 7 years and still love.

This particular creation is made up of 8 different panels to give it shape, cut with a straight hip-length hem and heart-shaped neckline. As the top is strapless and the fabric is soft and light I needed something to help hold it up and retain my dignity, especially as I’ve been known to throw some wacky shapes on the dancefloor after a glass of champagne or two (or if the DJ happens to play Milkshake by Kelis, which incidentally I requested on Friday). I’ve never used boning before and wanted to make this piece as sustainable as possible, avoiding plastic if I could. An argument with my wardrobe was the inspiration I needed to figure out a plastic-free solution to this problem. An old wire hanger, bent out of shape and stuck into about 3 different garments in my wardrobe had to go… but what if… what if it could bend into a boobie kind of shape and solve my boning issue? Only one way to find out!

I measured my bust line and cut pieces of the hanger to fit, this would then go into a channel in the seam between two panels and between two layers of the chambray (it’s a tad see-through using just one layer unless you’ve got a lining). Voila! It worked! Also included in this garment is a recycled zip from a skirt I had that I no longer wear – the very same I used to patch up our sofa a few weeks ago actually!


After a little bit of fiddly top-stitching around the top hem and a hook & eye inserted to hold the zip closure in place I’m pretty damn pleased with the finished piece! I absolutely love this fabric, it does need an iron when it’s been scrunched around the sewing machine a few times but it’s really easy to sew with and is such a dreamy soft, feminine colour. Check out how I styled it below!

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