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Sustainability Sunday #78

Organic Beauty: a few tips.

We have reached the end of Organic Beauty Week, a celebration of true organic beauty products championed by The Soil Association so that you can find out what your products are really made of.

As consumers we are more health and beauty conscious than before, but with this we’re more sustainably and ethically conscious too. We want high quality products, but we want products that work with nature and deliver natural benefits to our body and skin, rather than products that are compromising nature and the environment and dousing us in chemicals. Organic has become a beauty buzzword with many brands creating organic ranges to keep up with the hype, but the concerning thing here is that to be labelled as “organic” a product only has to have 1% or more organic content and alongside this there are no regulations around the use of organic on labels.


The Soil Association warn that the health and beauty industry is funding marketing campaigns that claim products are “green” rather than putting funding into research and development for products that really are environmentally friendly and toxin-free. Experts, including The Soil Association themselves, have therefore developed some voluntary standards that enable committed brands to communicate their product formulae to customers. The Soil Association commit to “making it simpler for people to choose skin-loving organic formulations that are just as effective as conventional cosmetics but without any of the ugly compromises.” As well as the Soil Association logo you should also look for reputable voluntary logos such as COSMOS and NaTrue.

So it seems it can be a bit of a minefield when you’re looking for true organic products so here’s a few of my favourite trusted brands:

  1. Neal’s Yard Remedies – pride themselves on honesty, integrity and transparency.  Making their products with the maximum organic, natural and raw ingredients, and carefully select other functional ingredients with safety and biodegradability in mind. All NYR’s products use high quality organic plant-based ingredients, and they fully disclose ingredient information with customers, both online and, wherever possible, on packaging.

  2. Trilogy – go on the belief that you don’t have to sacrifice performance for natural.  Originally a range of five rosehip skincare products, Trilogy now craft over 40 incredibly effective natural alternatives to synthetic skincare, body care and hair care.

  3. Honest Skincare – A small Birmingham-based brand I found on Instagram who have not only the most beautiful product pictures but also some really gorgeous natural products. Try the Sleep Mist packed full of organic essential oils.

  4. Sister & Co Skin Food – A small brand started by a girl who needed something more from her skincare products. The brand is now stocked in various outlets and has become very popular for it’s 100% natural properties. I use their Cacay Rosehip Super Seed oil which has organic Rosehip and Vitamin E – my skin loves it, and I’m so sure this is because it’s all natural organic goodness.

Other Soil Association certified beauty brands include: Therapi, Skin & Tonic, Botanicals, Odylique, Terre Verdi, La-Eva, Lulu & Boo and Nooma Organics.

honest skincare

So if you’re looking for organic products, remember to look for the organic certification logos on the packaging, along with the percentages of organic ingredients and anything that’s listed as vegan or vegetarian. Of course, I would love you to share your favourite organic/natural/eco/vegan products with us and every recommendation helps!

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