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Sustainability Sunday #79

Green your kitchen basics in 4 easy ways

Last week we moved into a new house. After 3 years in the dreamiest little flat in Hammersmith I’m now just a mile away in Wandsworth but in those 3 years I’ve learnt a lot more about sustainable living so I’m pretty excited to have an almost blank canvas in our new home. Where do I begin? The kitchen of course ☺️ As I create my eco-friendly kitchen I’ll share my finds on here so you can give it a go too. I’m kicking it off with 4 kitchen basics:

1. Equipment

Wave goodbye to the plastic that most shops make you think you need – I’m talking washing up brushes/sponges and utensils here. There is SO MUCH PLASTIC when you walk down those aisles in the shops, but amongst the bright reds, purples and greens there’s often something wooden if you’re lucky. I made the switch to wooden, biodegradable washing up brushes and scrubbers a while back and find the design much more hygienic too as the bristles don’t trap as much food. You should try Boubaloo’s brush as you can buy replacement heads to cut your waste even more!

2. Cleaning products

Ditto the above for the massive variety of products in thick plastic colourful bottles all full of chemicals. However, there are some equally wallet-friendly alternatives and they’re starting to creep on to shop shelves. You could have a go at making your own cleaning products as there’s quite a few natural ingredients that do a great job but if you’ve not got the confidence or time you can try Ecover or Method both of which are eco-friendly and chemical-free.

3. Swap plastic Tupperware

It’s time to jump on the Beeswax wrap bandwagon, a revelation for keeping food in the fridge or taking a pack lunch. As reusable and biodegradable version of cling film you can mould them to any container. If you’re into packed lunches (um, who isn’t?) then you should give stainless steel lunchboxes a go, like these from Plastic Freedom.

4. Olive oil – I use it pretty much every day when I’m cooking but buying it in glass bottles every time can be very expensive, especially compared to the floor-to-ceiling shelves of plastic bottles in the supermarkets. Excitingly I have just discovered a fairly new bulk store not far from me in London called Source Bulk Foods, an Aussie brand working it’s way into the UK, and here you can get olive oil on tap. Just take along your glass bottle and fill up!

Although living in London (or any city) often makes finding things like the bulk buy stores easier, you’d be surprised to see just how many are opening up all over the place, just pop it in Google maps and get going!

Happy Sustainable Sunday! x

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