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Sustainability Sunday #82

Shampoo Kubes: A sustainable switch.

Have you ever been to one of those big Boots stores, or Superdrug, or even a big supermarket where there’s a whole aisle dedicated to shampoos and conditioners? Have you ever stopped to try and count just how many there are, in that one store you’re in, on display – not even those ones in the back somewhere? LOADS. And they’re all made of plastic.

I’ve never been fussy about what I wash my hair with, when I was younger it was often products Dad had bought for work to test the fragrances of, or whilst at uni whatever was going cheap. I’m not sure if I believe that there’s that much difference between your TreSemmes, your Charles Worthingtons or Roberto Balsams; I do believe that there’s a difference between those that have natural ingredients and those that don’t, sure, but so many of them do not differ in their packaging – they all come in plastic bottles. The thick kind of plastic that’s hard to squeeze, so you can never get the last bit out, or squash them to put them in the recycling (if, that is, they can be recycled).


As I began to wage my own personal war on plastic and start to run out of my backstock of bottles of shampoo I wondered if there was anything I could do to change this. I’ve tried some homemade concoctions but alas to no avail as they’ve always left my hair feeling greasy still; then, fellow plastic-pollution-warrior Hanna Pumfrey of the Flor + Cesta blog launched a new venture, Acala, and bringing with it a solution to my shampoo puzzle. Acala is a new online store offering natural, organic and eco-friendly alternatives to your every day bath, body and beauty routines and one of their first products was Beauty Kubes’ shampoo cubes.

beauty kubes

These cubes are a zero waste, organic shampoo that lather beautifully and leave your hair soft, shiny and bouncy. Each cube is made with natural ingredients, including biodegradable cleansing agents, so there’s no nasty chemicals going onto your scalp or down the drain. The natural ingredients – rose extract, coconut milk, olive oil, palmarosa, orange and grapefruit also leave your hair smelling divine.

Each pack of shampoo cubes contains 27 little cubes (you just need one per wash) and the packaging is 100% recyclable and biodegradable meaning you are a 100% zero waste hairwasher – go you! Simply crumble the cube in your palms and add a little water and then rub into your wet hair to lather!

I love them, and I reckon you will to so head on over to to get some for yourself now!

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