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Sustainability Sunday #87


Organic September is a month-long campaign which aims to raise awareness of Organic products, and the brands, producers and farmers who bring them to us. My favourite fact of this year: there is 50% more wildlife on organic farms! Bees, butterflies, birds, mice, frogs, foxes, badgers…

For 2018 the Soil Association’s campaign had a three-pronged approach and it’s just as exciting for brands to get on board as well as individuals. The month has been dedicated to these themes:

  1. What is Organic? To explain what organic is, demystify some misconceptions and help you and others understand why they should choose organic

  2. Organic is Everyday – signposting people where to find, try and buy organic, both in-store or online

  3. Organic is Certified – shining a spotlight on the fact that organic is certified and offers incredible food assurance – encouraging people to look for the logo and choose organic

The choices you make with the food you eat and the products you use have an impact on the world you live in, so what are the benefits of buying organic?

•  The product contains no artificial additives or preservatives. •  Products have been grown using fewer, or no pesticides. There are only 20 pesticides that can be used by organic farmers all of which are derived from natural ingredients (compared to almost 300 pesticides used in regular farming). •  Products conform to high standards of animal welfare. •  They contain no genetically modified ingredients. •  They have been produced in a way that is completely sustainable.


According to the Soil Association, by switching just one of your products to organic helps feed the demand for better products in retail. The Organic September event is timed perfectly with some of the most delicious British fruit and veg coming into season so it’s a great opportunity for you to switch out international produce for a taste of our very own.

If you’re looking to carry Organic September on then try to switch perhaps one household item a month (or week) to something organic. If you need a little more inspiration, from 20th September right through to this weekend, 7th October is London’s Urban Food Fortnight which includes over 100 events celebrating all that is grown in our capital.

Tell us, what have organic activity have you done this month?

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