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Sustainability Sunday #9

Paleo pancakes for the sustainably shriven.

Traditionally, pancakes have been eaten on Shrove Tuesday to use up indulgent foods before Lent, however I must admit, for me Pancake Day usually means a trip to the shops to buy those things specially, which deliciously defeats the object.

This week, I’m trying out a health-freak version of the traditional pancake that’s Paleo, gluten-free AND dairy-free (depending on which cooking fat and toppings you choose) and uses the most sustainable ingredients I can find. Here’s how:

What’s in ’em?

Eggs (3)

Coconut flour (3-4 tbsp)

Salt (just a pinch)

Virgin coconut oil or butter

Baking soda (just a pinch)


How do we make ’em?

  1. Beat the 3 eggs together until they’re frothy, the bubblier the better as they’ll make fluffier pancakes

  2. Add in three tbsp of coconut flour and mix together – be aware that coconut flour absorbs lots of moisture so it will be crumblier to work with and make a stiffer batter than you’d expect

  3. Add a pinch of salt and then consider the consistency of the batter

cflour pancakes1
  1. Add the pinch of baking soda and mix in right before you’re ready to cook.

  2. Heat up your pan to a medium heat and add the coconut oil or butter, make sure the pan is at peak temperature before adding the batter

  3. Pour in enough batter to make a pancake of about half a centimetre thickness and cook until golden brown on both sides

  4. Serve warm and add your favourite toppings – lemon, sugar, banana, Nutella, maple syrup, cinnamon, jam, cheese, butter or all of the above!

Finding the best ingredients for these pancakes is super easy, the Happy Egg Company supply the UK’s best free range eggs to pretty much every supermarket across the country, and the best coconut flour is Biona‘s organic coconut flour which you can get from Holland & Barrett, Wholefoods, Ocado or even off Amazon.

If you’re using butter to cook (or for anything else really) the best supermarket butter is Waitrose, it has the lowest palm oil score of all the supermarkets. Alternatively, if you use coconut oil, always choose a virgin coconut oil – this means it hasn’t been refined, bleached, and deodorised and again I would recommend Biona‘s virgin coconut oil, or anything from Lucy Bee‘s product line.

As for the toppings, it’s totally down to you to choose wisely, Fairtrade bananas are my fave or maple syrup with Sumatran cinnamon (which is from a Rainforest Alliance certified farm).

Give it a go and enjoy!

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